The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

-Mahatma Gandhi


The payoff of presence: Listening with all 5 senses.


What if everyone on your team was passionate about your brand and obsessed with connecting with your guests on extraordinary levels? In this powerful and transforming workshop, Stacy teaches your front line how to listen with all 5 senses. In a world full of distractions, being present allows your front line to handle inevitable changes with grace, poise and effectiveness.

Your frontline will learn how to:

Deepen commitment to each other and guests

Develop strategies to maintain high energy and enthusiasm

Become self-motivated

Leverage new skills and talent

Create an experience driven culture

Stacy lives on the frontlines of service and loves helping frontline teams realize the amazing impact they have to change the lives and experiences of all they serve.

Finding your flow: How to lose yourself in your guest.


Flow occurs when you are so entrenched in something you lose yourself in it. Flow is when you are so dialed in that you feel invincible and the time seems to fly by. Focus fuels flow. Situations that are unpredictable require more focus and what could be more unpredictable then being responsible everyday for the needs and requests of your guests. In this workshop, Stacy teaches your teams how stretch their talents and skills to the limit and tap into the power and exhilaration of ‘flow’.

Your frontline will learn how to:

Use flow-state to increase productivity

Amplify customer engagement

Foster stellar guest experience

Use guest issues to fuel flow

You will enjoy:

Increased revenue

Higher team retention

Surge in productivity

Extreme guest loyalty

These courses will easily integrate and compliment existing performance models in your organization.
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