Stacy will motivate your teams into a frenzy of customer centric champions because in an environment where people are passionate about what they do…everyone wins.


Going beyond: The ‘3 Be’s to creating extraordinary guest experiences.


To consistently deliver the ultimate guest experience you need teams that are tuned in, authentic and motivated to cultivate guest engagement and extreme guest experience. In this invigorating and vital keynote, Stacy provides your teams with the tools and inspiration needed to make all guest encounters and connections heartfelt, effective and memorable by digging way deep into her ‘3 Be’ model for creating the customer love affair.

Your team will leave with:

Deeper employee commitment to each other and guests

Individuals and teams obsessed with going Beyond

Tools, ideas and concepts that your teams can apply immediately

Laser focus on guest experience, engagement and trust

Strategies to incite extreme guest loyalty

Press 3 for disaster: Strategies to Solve and Resolve


Outsourcing is not just something that’s done in a call center in a faraway land, it’s the way we make a guest feel when we don’t personally see their request or issue through to resolve, millennial substitute for passing the buck. In this insanely unique and hilarious keynote, Stacy uses your teams as she takes them through live examples of some of the worst and best guest experiences ever documented.

Your teams will:

Be motivated to solve and resolve

Create and trust effective team channels

Be inspired to handle difficult situations

Understand the rewards of being on both ends of a solution

Leave with a huge smile on their faces and an unusual urge to dance



Keenly aware. Awareness starts before your guests arrive. The more information you can collect on your guests the more distinctive customer experience you can create.



Massively absorbed. Because nothing, not even the lion that just ran passed the window, is as important as the guest standing in front of you. Master the art of making the guest feel like they are the only one who matters, because they are.



And I mean ridiculously available. Take an issue from beginning to end. Don’t just take the order for the special occasion dinner, deliver it with the Chef!

All of Stacy’s Keynotes and Workshops are customized to work with the needs of your teams and current organizational models, visions and values.
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